How To Get The Story Of Sewer Gators Re 7

What happened to the sewer gators in re7?

Andre was abducted as Clancy and Pete were in the kitchen and had his face mutilated before death. Pete was killed later by Mia Winters and Clancy was captured by the Baker Family and later burned to death by Lucas Baker.

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How old is Zoe Baker?

Trivia. Zoe was 20 at the time of Eveline’s arrival and 24 when finally rescued thanks to the efforts of Ethan, her uncle and Blue Umbrella.

How do I get into the attic Resident Evil 7?

To reach the Attic, you’ll need to activate a fuse box in the Living Room. To get the Fuse, run back to the kitchen, and as soon as you leave the other side is a chained wardrobe. Use the ‘Bolt Cutters’ to find the Fuse. Run back to the Living Room and use it on the fuse box on the right wall.

Did MIA work for Umbrella?

Did MIA work for Umbrella?

Mia Winters (?????????, Mia Wint?zu?) is a former operative for The Connections who worked covertly in the birth of Eveline, acting as her “caretaker” for her while covering up her career as a worker at a “trading company” to her husband, Ethan.

Who is Hoffman re7?

Hoffman is encountered as an “opponent” in the 21 scenario during all game modes. He has several “variants”, each with unique trump cards and strategies; two of them, “Undead Hoffman” and “Molded Hoffman”, appear as “bosses” in Survival and Survival+.

What happened Pete re7?

According to the Derelict House Footage, it occurs on June 1, at which point Andre dies, closely followed by Pete who is killed by Mia and Clancy is taken by Lucas.

Is Eveline Mother Miranda’s child?

As noted above, Mother Miranda had a daughter named Eveline who she clearly loved dearly. In fact, her grief over Eveline’s death in 1919 is essentially what triggers the next 100+ years of RE lore. We’ll dive into that more in a bit.

Is Jack Baker still alive re7?

Jack has one final encounter with Joe in the main hall of the main house at the Baker ranch, where he had set up Zoe at a table. However, Joe was finally able to stop Jack thanks to his AMG-78 gauntlet completely obliterating his upper body, finally killing him and ending his misery.

How old is Ethan In re 7?

5 Ethan Winters (Age: 33, Height: 5’11”, Birth year: 1984) Ethan Winters is an engineer whose wife, Mia, worked for a bioweapons lab before she was abducted by a human mutant weapon she was transporting. Ethan is introduced as a new playable character in Resident Evil 7 as he searches for his wife.

What is Lucas password Resident Evil 7?

Check the file that’s stuck to it to find out Lucas’ password, 1408. And there you have it, that’s the password you need to open the door and gain access to the Happy Birthday VHS Tape.

How do you get the blue key card in Resident Evil 7?

Location: The Blue Keycard is found in the Attic of the Main House, which can be accessed via the Kid’s Room, and solving the shadow puzzle in the attic to reveal the keycard.

How do you get out of the house in biohazard Resident Evil 7?

Interact with the back of it to get an ‘Ox Statuette’. Make your way out of the garage and head toward the far end of the hallway. Here, you should find some large doors which you can use the Ox Statuette on. You’re now in the main hall, and almost out of the house.

How did Ethan and Mia have a baby?

Why Ethan’s daughter is a vessel He was resurrected by the mold after the Baker family infected him. This explains why he is able to attach his limbs back on and take an insane amount of damage. Because the protagonist and his wife Mia are infected with the fungus, their baby is a human hybrid with the life form.

Why did Chris kidnap Ethan’s daughter?

Resident Evil Village ending explained It was Miranda. She showed up at Ethan’s house to kidnap his baby, Rose, because she has special powers from the “Mold.” Miranda was hoping to use Rose’s body as a vessel for her own dead daughter, Eva.

What did Mia do to Ethan?

After Ethan came back from the phone, he notices her body was gone, and later on Mia approaches Ethan after he had put the stair fuse in the fuse box, she talked to him in her normal state later tricking him and stabbing him with a screw driver.

Can Clancy live re7?

Clancy is dead, just as the same as my dog.

Can you beat Hoffman in 21?

The only way to win is to play that love your enemy card. It will draw the “best” card from the deck for Hoffman — no matter what card gets drawn, he’ll be over 21 and you’ll win the game.

Who is Lucas in Resident Evil 7?

Lucas Baker is an antagonistic character from the survival-horror game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. He is the son of Jack and Marguerite Baker who, like his parents, was infected by the E-Type bioweapon known as Eveline. Unlike his parents, however, Lucas was already psychotic before being infected with the Mold.

What happened to Andre in Resident Evil 7?

He was murdered by Jack Baker while investigating the Baker Family Guest House in 2017.

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