What Is Topstitching In Sewing

Topstitching is a sewing technique where the line of stitching is designed to be seen from the outside of the garment, either decorative or functional. Topstitching is used most often on garment edges such as necklines and hems, where it helps facings to stay in place and gives a crisp edge.

How do you do topstitching?

Do you Backstitch when topstitching?

5) There is no need to backstitch when topstitching, as it is a decorative stitch rather than a construction stitch. Backstitching can be visually distracting on your finished garment, and add unnecessary bulk. Instead to combat thread nests, hold onto your thread tails as begin to stitch.

What is topstitching thread?

Topstitching thread is a special, thicker thread that more easily catches the eye and shows off the topstitch, especially on a heavier weight fabric. If using light to medium-weight fabric, topstitch your project with all-purpose thread, use heavier topstitch thread for thicker and heavier fabrics.

What is the best stitch length for topstitching?

Best Stitch Length For topstitch, I generally use a length of 3.0-4.0. This gives a nice even look to your stitches. Here is a comparison of different length stitches. The difference between them is more pronounced when you use thicker threads.

What does coverstitch look like?

A coverstitch is a professional looking hem that looks like two rows of stitching on the top and a serger like stitch on the back. The benefit of a coverstitch is its stretchability and the covering of the raw edge all in one pass.

What foot do you use for topstitching?

The presser foot with ruler is great for all kinds of projects that require accurate stitches such as garments, topstitching or piecing while quilting, and is perfect for achieving flawless top sewing around the neck and sleeve of a garment.

Do I really need a coverstitch machine?

But if you sew, or want to start sewing, more knit garments, then a coverstitch will be immensely helpful. You can also use it for jeans-making, attaching elastic, neckline finishes, decorative seams and other fun stuff. So this is definitely a machine you can grow with too.

How do you topstitch like a pro?

How To Straight up topstitching ( = a straight stitch sewn parallel to the seam line through the top fabric and the seam allowance underneath) If you want topstitches on one side, you press the seam allowance to the opposite side. Put your project back on the right side and sew parallel to the seam at ¼”.

Can you use embroidery thread for topstitching?

Try a topstitch or embroidery needle in your machine, and make sure it’s sharp. Use topstitch thread as your spool only (on top of your machine), with regular thread that matches your fabric in the bobbin.

What is topstitching in quilting?

Topstitching adds texture and definition-similar to quilting, and gives decorative effects based on thread, stitch, and placement choices. Edgestitching is also topstitching that is sewn usually 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch from the edge.

How far from the edge is topstitching?

Topstitching is sewn 1/4? away from an edge, and the stitch length is set slightly longer than the stitch length used for the rest of the garment.

What does a topstitch needle do?

The Topstitch needle is our favorite needle to use on our home sewing machine. We use this style for quilting, piecing, sewing, and embroidery. A thin layer of titanium nitride makes the Topstitch needle last up to six times longer than a standard needle, thanks to its ability to resist abrasion.

What is the difference between a coverstitch and a serger?

A cover stitch machine has a looper, like a serger, but it doesn’t have a blade. Cover stitch machines are used to sew knit hems and chainstitching. And sergers that take more than 4 threads are often convertible machines that will serge or do a cover stitch. Coverstitch machines can use 1, 2, 3 or even more threads.

Can you sew seams with a coverstitch machine?

Janome coverstitch machines have the capability to sew with one, two or three needles, plus a looper underneath. Used with just 1 needle, a coverstitch machine will knit a chainstitch, which is a beautiful stretchy seam.

What is the difference between edge stitching and top stitching?

The main difference between edgestitching and topstitching is the proximity to the seam. Where topstitching is one-fourth of an inch away from the seam, edgestitching is one-eighth of an inch. This is usually done to hide the stitch around the waistband, neckline, or binding.

Can a coverstitch machine replace a serger?

Yes, you can, and truth be told, you need both. There are machines that do both, and they’re usually called a combo machine, meaning a combination of a serger and a coverstitch. However, many sewers prefer to have two separate machines.

Can you coverstitch with a serger?

You don’t have to take the time to re-thread and set up a standard serger for a cover stitch, you simply switch to the cover hem machine to create the hem, then go back to your regular machine for basting or buttonholes, then back to your standard serger for clean seams.

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