Where Is The Sewer In Ghost Simulator

The Sewer is the fourth biome in the game. It requires a Level 4 Antenna in order to be accessed. It has 2 Ghosts (Paper Bag Man and Rat) and Sludge, a boss.

How do you get to Ghost World in Ghost simulator?

To access Ghost World, a player must unlock the Volcano biome in the Main Hub, then use the Teleporter in the Volcano, the Lab, or on the game screen.

What is the code in ghost simulator?

Codes Code Reward Status FIREFLY Firefly Valid R1FT Purple Pegasus Valid SPAC3 Dave Valid 1YEAR x1 One Year Bag Valid.

Who is grim in ghost simulator?

Grim is a miniboss in the Ghostly Islands biome and drops a Grim Lootbag when defeated. Grim spawns every 5 minutes and 30 seconds and cycles through spawning in one of three locations in the order below throughout Ghost World: Directly above spawn near Ghost Hunter Joven.

How do you get the gumball pet in ghost simulator?

Gumball is a Godly Pet that can be obtained from the code BUBBLE.

How do you get Easter keys in ghost simulator?

Obtained. Easter Keys are a currency item used in the 2020 Easter Event to unlock Boss Chests, they can be obtained by defeating Fluffy.

Where is Luna in ghost simulator?

Ghost Hunter Luna is located in the Forest biome. She requires a Level 10 Antenna before you can start her Questline.

What does the gum do in ghost simulator?

Regular Gum Increases the speed of your hoverboard. Increases the item drop amount that the player can get from a ghost.

What does Bo gum Do in ghost simulator?

Bo Gum is a Mythical Item, it is a green gumball. Bo Gum turns your whole avatar into a hologram (similar to the Green Girl). This effect lasts two minutes. This gum was introduced in the 2021 Spring Event and is only available from the Metaverse Gumball Machine.

What does the basic boss gum do in ghost simulator?

Boss Gum is a Mythical Item, and is a black gumball. Boss Gum increases the amount of Boss Loot that a player can get from Boss Drops (Chests, Lootbags, Keys, etc.). Basic Boss Gum – Doubles your boss drops for 2 minutes.

Where is Pixie island in ghost simulator?

Pixie is a Ghost located in the Ghostly Islands biome of Ghost World. This ghost has 600,000 HP, which is awarded to the player in Ectoplasm upon defeating it. This ghost has a chance of dropping Stopwatches or Gems.

Where is the guards key ghost simulator?

The Guard’s Key is located at the very tip of the left tower point.

How do you get 8 bit in Ghost simulator?

8 Bit is a Mythical Pet. It is obtained by completing Ghost Hunter Dylan’s Questline. It is the first Mythical pet in the game, as it was added when the game released, but it is the worst Mythical Pet in stats.

How do you get Sunline in ghost simulator?

Sunline is a Legendary Pet. It is obtained during the 2020 Easter Event. It was rewarded to players upon completion of Egg Hunter Ella’s Questline along with the board Egg Fury.

What does a crate key do in ghost simulator?

Crate Keys are an item in Ghost Simulator. They can be used to open any Pet or Board Crate. They are obtained by either completing quests, opening boss crates, or from Daily Rewards. You can also purchase crate keys from the shop for robux.

Where is Ghost Hunter Luna’s room?

Luna’s Room is a secret area found in the Lab area of the Main Hub. It is unlocked during the events of Ghost Hunter Yoko’s questline. The room contains the Hoverboard Turbocharger and Luna’s Tablet for Ghost Hunter Fern’s questline.

Where is ghost hunter Blaze Ghost simulator?

Ghost Hunter Blaze is a questgiver located in the Volcano. His questline consists of 14 quests and upon completion, players are awarded with a Sparks pet and a Magma Slab hoverboard.

How do you get antenna parts in ghost simulator?

Antenna parts can be dropped by all ghosts (except for bosses and ghosts in bonus biomes) in the Main Hub. Players can burn Antenna Parts at the Incinerator located in Junkyard for 25 Ecto-Tokens each, but cannot convert them into gum.

What does Bo mean in Roblox?

Bo is an NPC and despite resembling a Ghost, is also a titled Ghost Hunter (“Ghost Hunter Bo”). This is because he was an average ghost until he found a vacuum and put it on his back, which is when he became a Ghost Hunter.

What is a pixie in Roblox?

Frosty White Pixie Cut is a UGC hair accessory that was published in the avatar shop by EvilArtist on May 7, 2020. It can be purchased for 70 Robux. As of October 1, 2020, it has been purchased 20,527 times and favorited 11,745 times.

What is heavy armor in ghost simulator?

Heavy Armor is an upgrade obtained from Ghost Hunter Leo’s questline. Heavy Armor enables the player to not be affected by Boss’s attacks (with the exception of Mega Bosses and The Flying Dutchman), they will not be thrown back and their vacuum will keep on vacuuming.

What is the best pet in Ghost Simulator 2021?

This, along with Sunset Pegasus and Snazzy Pegasus are the strongest Code Pets in Ghost Simulator.

How do you get the antenna on level 11 on ghost simulator?

Datalink is an item which can be obtained by finishing Gatekeeper’s questline. It is used to upgrade the Antenna to Level 11, allowing the player access to The Backdoor.

Where are the mini pets in ghost simulator?

Mini Pet Locations Eggy – behind pillars next to Teleport pad in The Lab. Unreleased Blue Pet – behind Ghost Hunter Dylan. Mini Ghast – under tree, near the Beach. Juice – in upper part of the tree with Gabe’s lost net. King Pickle – in the corner of the waterway between Forest and Blox City.

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